Fire Base Illingworth

November 26, 2013 Book Reviews 4 ★★★★

Fire Base Illingworth four-stars
on 10/29/2013
Pages: 320
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In the early morning hours of April 1, 1970, more than four hundred North Vietnamese soldiers charged out into the open and tried to over-run FSB Illingworth. The battle went on, mostly in the dark, for hours. Exposed ammunition canisters were hit and blew up, causing a thunderous explosion inside the FSB that left dust so thick it jammed the hand-held weapons of the GIs. Much of the combat was hand-to-hand. In all, twenty-four Americans lost their lives and another fifty-four were wounded. Nearly one hundred enemy bodies were recovered. It was one of the most vicious small unit firefights in the history of U.S. forces in Vietnam.

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Review by Travis Starnes

Fire Base Illingworth looks at one small area of the Vietnam conflict, focusing on an assault on an American Firebase near the Cambodian border.  The book is a straight up history but told in a very narrative style that I have always felt works for this narrowly focused type of history.

The author clearly has an affinity for this area of the war and this is not his first history about it.  He previously wrote a book about a small conflict just days before the events in Fire Base Illingworth and involving some of the same men.  If anything this book is a continuation of that previous work, although he does a good job recapping the events of his previous book for readers not familiar with it.

Keith’s writing is excellent and he clearly has talent as a military historian, a very specific skill set to be sure but one I can appreciate as a fan of the genre.  He makes sure to set the stage for the battle and explains some of the high level strategy that led to these men being in the situation they found themselves in April 1970.  He also gives background on a random sampling of the soldiers involved in the battle.  He uses these men as points of narrative for various stages of the battle so you as a reader can feel connected to the events, and then follows their personal stories through to after the war and even present day in the final chapter of the book.  This focus on individual soldiers really helped me as the reader connect to the battle and care about what was going on, almost as if it was a work of fiction.  Also following them through and giving a brief look into their postwar life makes a nice epilogue and gives the reader a sense of closure from the book.

The only real weak point is the battle itself.  While individual scenes were well written and gripping it is hard to get a feel for the battle as a whole.  The overall picture of what happened is pretty muddy.  After reading this I could tell you why the battle happened, the events leading up to it and major moments in the battle but I could not explain exactly how the battle unfolded.

Even with that complaint this is an excellent military history.  If you like reading about small unit engagements, the Vietnam War or personal style military history then this is a good choice.

Rating Report
Overall: 4.1

4 Responses to “Fire Base Illingworth”

  1. Mark Drake

    Just re-read the account of the battle. As a Medic and X-Ray with 15th Medical 1st Calvary Medevac, I, my fellow Medics, three Doctors and support personnel treated the majority of the wounded and removed the KIA’s from our Choppers. Our two Medevacs made many trips from FB Jay and Ellingsworth removing the wounded and KIA’s. Those were days from hell. We gave our best care to all wounded and respect for the KIA’s.
    We were kids when we arrived in Tay Ninh Viet Nam, who quickly became men. My memory’s are still vivid of those days spent working with a team of men who’s goal was to save the lives of our comrades. May the soldiers who died rest in peace.

  2. Nelson

    Philip Keith NAILED this book! Love it, Love it, Love it! Fire Base was such a great read.

  3. Eugenia

    On this book you get to know more detail about the war, and who made the decisionsand for me it was amazing to know what men went through to protect Illingworth, great story… i recommend this book if you are interested on finding out what was happening in Vietnam War.

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