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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating
The Short Victorious WarThe Short Victorious WarHonor Harrington #34 Stars
1812: The Rivers of War1812: The Rivers of WarEric FlintTrail of Glory #13 Stars
The Honor of the QueenThe Honor of the QueenHonor Harrington #24.5 Stars
Death's HeadDeath's HeadDeath's Head #14 Stars
March UpcountryMarch UpcountryEmpire of Man #15 Stars
One for the MoneyOne for the MoneyStephanie Plum #14 Stars
The MagicianThe MagicianThe Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #23 Stars
Sudden PreySudden PreyPrey #84 Stars
Chosen Soldier: The Making of a Special Forces WarriorChosen Soldier: The Making of a Special Forces WarriorDick Couch4 Stars
Never Go BackNever Go BackLee ChildJack Reacher #184 Stars
On Basilisk StationOn Basilisk StationHonor Harrington #15 Stars
Off Armageddon ReefOff Armageddon ReefSafehold #14 Stars
Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War EraBattle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era5 Stars
The Boys' WarThe Boys' War3 Stars
Comics and LanguageComics and Language1.5 Stars
WormholesWormholes3.5 Stars
Agent of ChangeAgent of ChangeLiaden Universe #94.5 Stars
Dies the FireDies the FireEmberverse #14.5 Stars
The Reichsbank RobberyThe Reichsbank Robbery4 Stars
World War ZWorld War Z5 Stars
16321632David Weber, Eric FlintAssiti Shards #14 Stars
By Schism Rent AsunderBy Schism Rent AsunderSafehold #23.5 Stars
Vengeance is MineVengeance is Mine3 Stars
Murder in MississippiMurder in Mississippi3 Stars
Homicide: A Year on the Killing StreetsHomicide: A Year on the Killing Streets5 Stars
Ender’s GameEnder’s GameEnder's Saga #14.5 Stars
Wizard’s First RuleWizard’s First RuleSword of Truth #14 Stars
Practice to DeceivePractice to Deceive4 Stars
Storm FrontStorm FrontVirgil Flowers #74 Stars
16331633David Weber, Eric FlintAssiti Shards #24 Stars
Stone of TearsStone of TearsSword of Truth #24 Stars
Halloween Double FeatureHalloween Double Feature4 Stars
The October ListThe October List3 Stars
HarrowgateHarrowgate2 Stars
The Back RoadThe Back Road3 Stars
1914: The Year the World Ended1914: The Year the World EndedPaul Ham2 Stars
RipperRipper5 Stars
Orbital DecayOrbital DecayNear Space #13 Stars
DrakonDrakonDraka #45 Stars
The Survivors ClubThe Survivors Club4.5 Stars
Someone Has Taken My PlaceSomeone Has Taken My Place4 Stars
Little Demon in the City of LightLittle Demon in the City of Light4.5 Stars
Diner ImpossibleDiner ImpossibleRose Strickland Mystery #34.5 Stars
Ancillary JusticeAncillary JusticeImperial Radch #13.5 Stars
The Heavens RiseThe Heavens Rise4 Stars
Combat DoctorCombat Doctor2 Stars
Fire Base IllingworthFire Base Illingworth4 Stars
ParasiteParasiteMia GrantParasitology #15 Stars
Undead ChaosUndead Chaos4 Stars
Lincoln in the WorldLincoln in the World3 Stars
Abominable Science!Abominable Science!4 Stars
The Garden of StonesThe Garden of StonesEchoes of Empire #11 Star
Tell Me When I'm DeadTell Me When I'm Dead3.5 Stars
The War That Ended PeaceThe War That Ended Peace4 Stars
American StatecraftAmerican Statecraft4 Stars
King and MaxwellKing and MaxwellSean King & Michelle Maxwell #64 Stars
Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.4.5 Stars
Pinkerton's Great DetectivePinkerton's Great Detective4 Stars
Nowhere Was There PeaceNowhere Was There Peace3.5 Stars
StandoffStandoffVin Cooper #64 Stars
BinderBinder4 Stars
The Murder CodeThe Murder Code4 Stars
MaliceMaliceThe Faithful and the Fallen #14 Stars
Glorious War: The Civil War Adventures of George Armstrong CusterGlorious War: The Civil War Adventures of George Armstrong CusterTom Hatch4 Stars
The Punishment ImperativeThe Punishment Imperative3 Stars
In RetrospectIn RetrospectEllen larson4.5 Stars
Hammett UnwrittenHammett Unwritten3.5 Stars
The Invisible CodeThe Invisible CodeBryant & May #103.5 Stars
Hive MonkeyHive MonkeyAck-Ack Macaque #24 Stars
Fear NothingFear NothingDetective D.D. Warren #74.5 Stars
Call of the WildCall of the Wild4 Stars
Secret PreySecret PreyPrey #94.5 Stars
When Soldiers FallWhen Soldiers Fall4 Stars
Ex-PurgatoryEx-PurgatoryPeter ClinesEx-Heroes #44.5 Stars
The Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary EditionThe Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary Edition4 Stars
Certain PreyCertain PreyPrey #104.5 Stars
The Polaris ProtocolThe Polaris ProtocolPike Logan #54.5 Stars
Bad WolfBad WolfBodenstein & Kirchhoff #63 Stars
The Clockwise ManThe Clockwise ManDoctor Who: New Series Adventures #13.5 Stars
Mutineers' MoonMutineers' MoonDahak #14 Stars
SnapShotSnapShot3.5 Stars
What RemainsWhat RemainsDead World #11 Star
PandemicPandemicInfected #34.5 Stars
From History’s ShadowFrom History’s ShadowDayton WardStar Trek: The Original Series4 Stars
The Fools RunThe Fools RunJohn SandfordKidd & LuEllen #14.5 Stars
One Rough ManOne Rough ManBrad TaylorPike Logan #14 Stars
Easy PreyEasy PreyJohn SandfordPrey #114 Stars
Two for the DoughTwo for the DoughJanet EvanovichStephanie Plum #24 Stars
SnowblindSnowblindChristopher Golden3 Stars
The Eugenics War Vol. 1: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien SinghThe Eugenics War Vol. 1: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien SinghGreg CoxStar Trek: The Eugenics War #14 Stars
Red RisingRed RisingPierce BrownRed Rising Trilogy #13 Stars
The Ghost of the Mary CelesteThe Ghost of the Mary CelesteValerie Martin2.5 Stars
The Wife, The Maid, and the MistressThe Wife, The Maid, and the MistressAriel Lawhorn3 Stars
I Shall Be Near To YouI Shall Be Near To YouErin Lindsay McCabe4.5 Stars
A Darkling SeaA Darkling SeaJames L. Cambias4 Stars
Bad GuysBad GuysAnthony BurnoGibbons and Tozzi #13 Stars
The Shadow ProtocolThe Shadow ProtocolAndy McDermottAdam Grey #13 Stars
The Janus LegacyThe Janus LegacyLisa von Biela3 Stars
Red HookRed HookGabriel CohenJack Leightner #13 Stars
The MartianThe MartianAndy Weir5 Stars
Three PrincesThree PrincesRamona Wheeler2 Stars
RunnerRunnerPatrick LeeSam Dryden #14.5 Stars
Bread and ButterBread and ButterMichael Wildgen3 Stars
Spy for HireSpy for HireTim ShorrockMark Sava #33 Stars
The Eugenics War Vol. 2 - The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien SinghThe Eugenics War Vol. 2 - The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien SinghGreg CoxStar Trek: The Eugenics War #24 Stars
By The BookBy The BookKristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley SmithStar Trek: Enterprise #23 Stars
A Wanted ManA Wanted ManLee ChildJack Reacher #174.5 Stars
The Con Men: Hustling in New York CityThe Con Men: Hustling in New York CityTerry Williams, Trevor B. Milton3.5 Stars
Ex-HeroesEx-HeroesPeter ClinesEx-Heroes #14 Stars
Emerge: The AwakeningEmerge: The AwakeningMelissa A. CravenEmerge #13 Stars
Rise of the PhoenixRise of the PhoenixDameon GibbsRise of the Phoenix #13.5 Stars
Frappe Today Dead TomorrowFrappe Today Dead TomorrowLeah FitchettDead Girls & Coffee #12 Stars
The House of MemoryThe House of MemoryCarolyn HainesPluto's Snitch #25 Stars
The Ghost LineThe Ghost LineAndrew Neil Gray, J.S. Herbison3.5 Stars
The Sixth GateThe Sixth GateK.T. MunsonThe Gate Trilogy3 Stars
The Dragon's PlaylistThe Dragon's PlaylistLaura Bickle5 Stars
Holy WarHoly WarMike Bond
The Memory TreeThe Memory TreeGlenn Haybittle2.5 Stars