About US

We are a family of readers who have decided to get together and start sharing some of our thoughts on the books we are reading and the books we love.  Each of us has slightly different interested in reading giving us as a family a wide range of genres.  We are 3 generation who share a common hobby.


reynoldThe paterfamilias of the family, the head honcho, the big cheese; you get the idea.  Reynold has a lifetime of reading which among other things makes him very hard to beat at Trivial Pursuit.  He is a very successful business man and has been a leader at major companies you have heard of.  At Home of Reading he will be reviewing mystery books, science fiction books, biographies, and history books, as well as creating feature articles.



travisFather of 2 boys and the web monkey of the family. Travis created this site as a family project for himself, Reynold and Andy.  He currently runs a small advertising company and a popular Marvel comics website and at one point in his life he attended culinary school.  When not reading Travis likes to cook, watch TV, program websites, and sleep.  At Home of Reading he will be reviewing mystery books, thrillers, science fiction books, fantasy books, cultural studies books, and history books as well as interviewing authors.



andyA sarcastic middle school student with an aptidude for reading and math.   Besides his academic achievements Andy also plays piano and violen.  When not reading Andy enjoys video games, movies, swimming, and tormenting his younger brother.  At Home of Reading Andy will be reviewing young adult and fantasy novels.


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeofReading

Email: tstarnes@homeofreading.com