Indie Author Book Review

As a fellow author, I am a big believer in supporting the indie author community.  I will review two (or more depending on my current workload) submitted indie books every month and cross post my review to Amazon and goodreads.  The average review is 300 to 400 words.

I generally prefer to read mystery/thrillers, sci-fi, and history books, but am not opposed to young adult or paranormal.  I am an adult male, so keep in mind I am probably not the market for a book target at teen girls.  Please no eroitca, hard romance, dor most non-fiction (I will consider history books).

I tend to be a pretty lenient reviewer, rarely giving below a 3 unless there are extreme editing issues. I however will not clear my review first, so I can ensure that my reviews are honest and fall inside Amazon guidelines.

To be considered follow the below steps.

  1.  Sign up for my newsletter using the form below or in the sidebar.  I get a lot of submissions so I can’t contact each author I review.  This is the way you will know if I reviewed your book or not.
  2. Send an email to and include
    • Title
    • Cover Image
    • Short Synopsis
    • and your book in a epub, mobi, or pdf format.

Just because I didn’t select your book for the current round of reviews doesn’t mean I won’t hold it over for the next.  The only thing guaranteed to keep me from reviewing your book is to send follow up emails asking when or if it is going to be reviewed.